Letter to Gary Craig

Dear Gary,

EFT is amazing. Who would think that tapping on certain pressure points with a mental focus could actually relieve pain, release stress, and cure everything from PMS to PTSD? But I have a problem. Whenever I try to explain EFT to other people, their eyes either glaze over or roll. I don't feel like "Emotional Freedom Technique" gives the right impression. It's so serious, but EFT is so fun! When the energy shifts, for me, there's a giddy feeling that follows. It can feel like a magic trick.

When I was a kid I was part of the 'Episcopal Youth Congregation.' We thought EYC should stand, instead, for 'Eat Your Cauliflower.' In that spirit...

The T should stand for tapping.
The E should stand for energy

Energy tapping....
Energy something tapping....

Energy Fomething Tapping....

Energy Freedom Tapping?
Energy Feeling Tapping?

Energy Field Tapping...

Energy Flow Tapping!

Feel free to use any of these new names if you like. (I bet the domain names are available!) I'd like to think of new acronyms as my contribution to the Endless Finger Tapping revolution!

Think about it: people could now approach kids with hurt feelings with this invitation: "Want to try an Energy Fluffing Trick?"

Ever Full of Trouble,

Kristen Caven

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michael Carr-Jones said...

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