2009 Car Show Highlights

Donald IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT of BUMBLEBEE the famous Transformer's Camaro.
Here's the logo on the car (the flash made it not yellow.)
Donald swooning over his dream car, the new Lamborghini Murcielago. ($400,000)
Meanwhile, Dave and I were interviewed about "our next car": the Nissan Leaf (click on the clip with the car picture) - http://www.ktsf.com/en/ - it's mostly Chinese...
At lunch Donald and Ben, wearing the Scion beanies they won by knowing a lot about Scions, read Road & Tracks Donald dragged along. After lunch, I have a big surprise for them....
I know the lady who watches over the Lamborghinis....!
Shock and amazement. A 12-year-old's ecstasy.
Tears of joy.
"Don't touch ANYTHING!"
Kings of the world. Thank you, Kristi!
I like the black one. (Took off my baby-blue Nissan Leaf t-shirt for this shot.)
Donald tries to stop smiling.
This thing's more my style. I can put a pink Smart Car in my purse when I'm not driving it.
The coolest thing we saw... a restored 1932 "zeppelin" motorhome.
Here's the car we can all agree on: an electric 1950 Porche Spyder! It's vintage... it's electric... and it's coooooool!

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