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The Reason She LeftThe Reason She Left by Kristen Caven

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What I love about graphic novels and cartoons is the way you can distill ideas and pack emotion into the theater of the page. This was a thrilling project to work on, as I attempted to pack years of learning into thirty pages. I wrote this story over twenty years ago, and was pleased to find how well it's held up. As a matter of fact, it feels stronger, in some ways, to me, as the world has NOT learned the lessons it needs to, yet, and needs more original thoughts and voices.

The most amusing thing to me is how even people close to me call this an autobiographical work, even though the plot, setting, and all the characters are made up. I take that as a compliment that I write convincingly!

I hope this work finds its readership among smart and curious people, especially women who are having trouble feeling like their voice is being heard.

You can order it from Indiebound, Amazon, my website, or get the ebook on scribd.

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Krs10 said...

Do you ever write something, then read it a few months later and just gag?