Pumpkin Pie - a holiday superheroine

Meet Pumpkin Pie, partner of Jack-O-Lantern, who was dreamed up in the Mini-Maker Faire's Comics Class taught by The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay author Michael Chabon and Marvel Comics artist Nick Dragotta.

Jack is a master pumpkin carver and superhero who got his superpowers when he ate a radioactive GMO pumpkin seed.

Pumpkin Pie was a mathematician at Monsanto who ate one, too. It gave her a hyper-hormonal anxiety which she can only calm by baking. She hangs around Jack because she needs the pumpkin guts. She also has a tremendous throwing arm. In the picture you see her using calculus (Pi is her favorite number) to determine the best angles for throwing pie. She wears an oven-proof lycra suit printed with an apron pattern, and oven mitts, since the pies she throws are sometimes fresh out of the oven. She wishes she could stop baking and take a rest, but if she does the craziness (the evil side) takes over.

Yes, her headpiece is made of an aluminum pie plate. It's recyclable.

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Mrs. Id said...

To be played by the delicious and possibly dangerous Jen Ponton (http://jenponton.com/) - recently seen on 30 Rock (Frajerrrr!)