Cobbler 3: Back to School? Special!


Back to School: Special!
Moms everywhere experience a curious reverse-whiplash when school starts and the house empties out. As the sudden silence settles over our “support staff” routines, feelings swing from relief at our regained freedom...to keen loneliness. Partners of teachers must feel the same way at the end summer break. So I get it double. I've filled the vaccum with the company of my computer, adding madly to my blog, Linkedin profile, and Facebook network; I've cleaned a few closets and thought a lot about food. What is it about fall? This time of year I dream about pumpkins and yams. I cook stinky cheese dinners with romantic ideas about harvest gatherings.

Baking Back the White House
I found a way to put food and politics together by volunteering for fundraising bakesales. (I am literally baking an apple pie as I write this.) I got so inspired I started my own campaign, as Obama’s fresh vision seems like a palate-cleansing sorbet after so many generous helpings of Bush's specialty: Deep Dish Doo-doo. Ready to vote? This page makes it easy to check your registration and/or vote absentee according to your own particular political tastes. Let your friends know.

What I Did on Summer Vacation
No wonder fall fell like it did; this summer was a whirlwind of travel. We set foot in LA and New York City, New Jersey and Maryland, Colorado and even the Republic of Disneyland. My career got a long-awaited boost with a staged reading of one act of the musical I started writing in 1998. As I rolled our suitcase full of tripods and tshirts through the crush of theater-goers and tourists in Times Square, I realized, I'm working here! It was a dream come true, an exciting challenge, and a glimpse of what might come next.

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What's Next
Rewriting, submitting grant proposals, seeking fiscal sponsorship. Praying every day that the seeds I sow sprout. Planning, shopping, cooking (well, when I’m not at my computer), and enjoying the moment when the house fills up again at the end of the day.

What are you cooking up this fall? Pies? Soups? Finger- sandwiches? Leave a comment with your favorite harvest recipe... I may share it in a future Cobbler...!

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The Last Bite
"It's just like Dad always used to say: 'Someday I hope you kids build a blog devoted to pastries and their notorious lack of direction."
—my little bro Joe

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