My Sister Out-Law

We lost a relative in this war: my brother-in-law's wife has not spoken to us since it started. She threw herself into peace activism as a Code Pink organizer, and her commitment has kept her busy. We miss her, but we know she is out there fighting for our country.

It was an exciting moment for us when we got a glimpse of Aunt Nancy on TV. She "delivered a pink slip" to the Republican party during John McCain's address.

Watch this movie clip of her "removal" to the crowd's chants of "USA! USA!" Was this chant to intimidate her, as an opponent to Team USA? I would like to think, instead, that they were chanting to celebrate Thomas Jefferson's belief: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

Elizabeth Hourican, the other activist who walked down the steps of the arena shouting "Women say no to war" was wearing a pink slip with the phrase "McCain = more war" printed on it. The two of them were given their tickets to the speech by Republicans who decided not to attend, based on their displeasure with McCain’s position on war, oil drilling and other issues.

Donald, who comes from a long line of war protestors (his maternal grandfather left Germany to dodge Hitler's draft), bragged on his infamous Auntie (Nancy Mancias) the next day.

Hire Nancy to speak at your next event!

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