A Stinky Cheese Celebration

Last night both the guys came home and wrinkled their noses: What's that SMELL? It was an oven full of stinky cheese and potatoes, but stinky cheese with a story!

I can't remember the book where I read about Raclette, but my mind is full of vivid images of peasants at the harvest campfire, roasting potatoes after a long day's work. Someone rolls in a huge wheel of cheese and lets it melt in the fire's glow. The hungry crowd scoops gooey cheese off the wheel with their potatoes, and once they're happy and full, they pull out their string orchestras and go waltzing off in the meadows among the cow pies.

Or something like that.

Raclette is a superbly stinky cheese that may have been the inspiration for the modern classic, The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, in which a gingerbread-type humanoid runs away shouting "You can't catch me!" but no one is really that interested.

But let me attest to this fact: it tastes DELICIOUS!

Here's my recipe:

  • Slice 5 potatoes lengthwise, spray with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper; bake until tender in a 350 degree oven. Lay strips of raclette cheese and roasted red pepper over the top and turn off the oven. Wait for comments from housemates.

Serve with crisp green salad and leftover meat. Wish you had a Riesling to drink with it.

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