Cobbler 2: "Let's Put On a Shoe!"


Ready for another slice of cobbler? Or, as some readers are calling it, my "pie-thing," "cobletter," "co-blabber?" Well get out your spoons and dig in.

I have some exciting news to share. It's exciting enough that I'm finally getting a chance to visit New York City this summer. (Thank you, Jenny!) But by coincidence, my composer (who now lives in Florida), will be there at the same time...creating a serendipitous opportunity for...a staged reading! Also known as a "park and bark," this is the first step in test-driving a new musical.

On August 4th, if you're in the Big Apple, I'd like to invite you to come see The Souls of her Feet, formerly known as act one of my musical, Shoes, a Mirror, and a Big, Pink Rose. (Think Cinderella meets Rocky Horror.)

Our manic preparations include casting (thank you Craigslist), finishing the music, building a website, and selling t-shirts to pay for the venue (Playwright's Horizons) and musicians.The Souls of Her FeetIf you'd like to be a "SMBPR Insider," join our musical mailing list (or ask me to add you) or our Facebook group, and check out our blog. We're "getting there in tiny steps," to quote Michael, the music-guy.

Meanwhile, agents are still looking at the proposal for the parenting book I'm planning to write with mom. We thought we'd have it sold by now, but I'm not stressing, due to my very zen-like theory that publishing time lies on a scale between geological time and last-week-of-pregnancy time.

The Home Front
Since I last wrote, much else has happened. I'll let Dave tell you about Donald:
graduating from 5th grade
worrying about middle school
dreading "The (Sex Ed) Movie"
• and meeting a talent scout

What's Next?
Disneyland! Some much-needed vacation. And praying the smoke will clear and the rain will come and the corn will survive  and the war will end and the soldiers will heal and nanosolar will save us all from global warming. Taste This
(Stuff I like, or am thinking about)
Health Care Plan everyone should watch this and send the link to your senators & reps
Citigrass Homegrown NYC Bluegrass
The Anybodies

Entropical Paradise
The latest "Best of Dave" according to moi:
Well, Duh
Above All, Dignity

Cobbler Crumbs
Bits from my website:
Atomic Comic
EFT renamed

The Last Bite
"Nikes with an evening gown? Girl, just DON'T!"
—Harry P. Fenton,The Souls of Her Feet

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