Selling Peace Bonds

While preparing my Deco Diet lecture for the Art Deco Society (what a hoot! Now everyone knows how to make Larded Grouse!), I prepared a slide about Victory Gardens and rationing. I was moved by how hard Americans worked together to win WWII, for all its fiascos (have you seen Flags of our Fathers?). God, there are so many great ideas out there about Peace - I mean, we really know what it is now (You can even get a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at many major universities), and it's something you have to work on, it's not just the absence of war.

So, digging up all these cool War Bonds posters, I thought, what about Peace Bonds? If we're serious about ending this war, and all wars, let's have a symbol of it. Let's get actresses to get out there and sell them. Let's make sure the money goes to things that really matter - like education and health care (health care being the #1 reason workers strike and create social strife) (they picked up our garbage today but workers are still locked out), for example. There is a movement afoot to create a lasting Department of Peace to balance out the influence of the Pentagon in our government.

I played with these images—aren't they fun? Click on any of them and you can go to my Peace Bonds page to see more—or to purchase Peace Bonds!