Forward on Climate Change!

I went to the Forward on Climate Change rally Sunday in San Francisco.

I thought about all the things I should have done to promote my pet project, Idle Free Oakland, especially since the excitement these days comes from Idle No More, but with so much on my plate this spring, I couldn't get myself quite organized. But I'm so glad I went! It was the largest climate rally ever, and I'm hoping my presence might make a difference.

It was lovely. Well-organized, peaceful, fun, and short. Native Americans opened with prayers, the air smelled like sage, and there were cute dogs everywhere. We really have to stop Keystone XL, and here's why.

The rally was sponsored by 350.org, which is the organization that's giving us the best leadership on this terrible worldwide problem. It's about science, and it's about math, and they explain it so simply:

  • Our climate is changing because of too much atmospheric CO2.
  • The safe upper limit for atmospheric CO2 is 350 parts per million.
  • We currently have 394 ppm (this changes; see the carbon calcuator in the column on the right>>>)
  • We need to get BACK to 350. Like, asap!

Stuff I liked:

  • A polar bear
  • A "Leave it in the Ground" sign
  • A high school senior who said, "You guys are always talking about a better future for your children and grandchildren. Well, I'm a kid... and I want a better future for myself!"
  • These kids with their cool signs
  • Speakers who really believe we can get back to 350 in our lifetime.
  • San Francisco's upcoming resolution to divest and ballot option to go all green energy.
  • A guy who is trying to educate folks about Thorium, which looks like the answer to nuclear energy.
  • Another speaker recalled learning about climate change in school in the 1970s. "We've wasted 40 years of inaction in 'debate'." Idle no more, right?

This guy with the mask and the sign says it all.

Can you stand up with me and millions of others and and tell the guy "NO KXL?" Here's a petition. Here's another.