Cure Yourself of Sciatica Right Now!

This morning a neighbor called and asked for a ride to the clinic for her sciatica. "Oh, let me try to cure it, first," I said.

When I showed up on her doorstep with some scarves in my hand, she was skeptical. But this afternoon, she called me from the clinic talking about the MIRACLE I had performed!

I learned this trick from an architect-turned-yogi when I was pregnant and hobbling around. Sciatica is a PAIN IN THE BUTT from a pinched nerve situation in a place you really can't stretch.

Unless you know the secret!

Here's a picture of my mom demonstrating the practice:

You make a loop out of a scarf or necktie, and place it around your hip on the sore side. Then you pull it out straight while your leg is up, held by the other scarf, and effectively put that hip into traction.

Do this for a few minutes. Just once might do the trick. If not, try it a few times a day. Let me know if it worked!