A Mann-tle full of Mann-imals

These pictures say what words cannot.

Goodbye Jeanne Mann (you creative jeanne-ius)... you will be missed by all of us.


5 Wishes for our Second Term

I only have five small wishes for the next four years. Okay, they're big wishes. But they're good ones that will make the country more safe, sane, and sustainable.
  1. End oil subsidies*
  2. Stop Education Reform
  3. Overturn Citizens United
  4. Bring back the Public Option
  5. Ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Some of these are links to petitions, others are still links are to more information. Please share any new developments and serious petitions in the comments here or on FB.

*(subwishes include subsidizing renewables, ratifying Kyoto protocols, and adopting 350ppm as a national security priority)