Book Review: Bossypants

BossypantsBossypants by Tina Fey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a memoir after my own heart. I love being under Tina Fey's* spell, the way she can be self-deprecating and righteous in the same breath, ridiculing and loving at the same time. I kept having to read passages out loud to Dave so I could say, "Look! She's one of us!"

Inapproporiate places I burst out laughing:
- on a city bus
- giving my blood donation
- at the vet
- in orthodontists office
- on the toilet with guests in the house**
- late at night, trying not to wake Dave up

* She calls her dad Don Fey all the time, which makes you realize her first and last name always go together

** On the page about Pee Wee with bad teeth, I had to wipe, so imagine this very complicated maneuver: I pressed my forehead to the cover and cried, through laughter and tears, I...love...you...so...much...!

(That was a bit of Tina Fey-ish writing, by the way.)

Thank you Tina Fey!

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