Mama's Got a Brand New Slog

As you may or may not know about me, I am plagued with a glorious chorus of clamoring muses. I've always wanted to offer them a regular pulpit, but seem to be too lazy, or too shy, or too busy, or just too distracted to submit my writing for a regular column somewhere. I blog irregularly (sorry, that sounds like T.M.I.) and randomly, but I never tell anyone about it.

Until now! I’m putting this task on my calendar and intend to send something to this list every month, chock-full of muse news and profound thoughts. Let's make that every two months, in hopes of setting a keep-able goal. I'm not sure what to call something this creature that will be part newsletter, part column, part blog...maybe a blewsletter? A boglum? A new slog? A columnblognewsletter? Or for short, a co-bl-l-er? To quote Lucy Van Pelt: THAT'S IT!

A bi-monthly cobbler! Yum! It sounds fruity! It sounds like old fashioned food! It reminds me of people who make handcrafted shoes! It sounds like horses pulling carts down ancient, cobbled streets! It sounds... well, it sounds so... so ME, don't you think?

And I'll name it Wandering Pie, after my random blog.

Stuff I'm Doing
Although work, school, and family always keep me busy, lately I've continued to "slog away" at:
• A parenting book, co-written with my mother...now out to agents,
• My musical, the first part of which is nearing completion, and
• A fun fashion article called "The Lady in Red" that culminated with a trip to a ball in a gigantic red ballgown.

What's Next?
I've been working really hard on becoming a full-time creative. Starting in June, I'll be writing every day (with holidays) for ten years. This has been my dream since I can remember, and something is telling me that now is the time to have faith and just do it. This "cobbler" is an important piece of my pie. Thank you for reading—see you next time!

Stuff I Like
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Entropical Paradise
My husband Dave is a daily blogger who has just passed the 3 year mark (1,100 entries!). Here are some of my recent favorites:
Piano Man
The Wind Between His Ears
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Cobbler Crumbs
Here are some links to stuff on my website:
NEW! "Inside the Mills Revolution" ebook
Peace Bonds
Homemade Hybrid

The Last Bite
"We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained."
—Marie Curie

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