Boxing Day 2010

As the year (and the decade, again,) dwindles to a close, our mailbox fills up with holiday letters from friends far and wide. I love reading these letters. This year people died, people were born, people lost and found jobs, and traveled to places I can only dream of. My favorite this year was a page of family photos with a short note that said, “Santa brought Matt a new colon for Christmas.” Read More...


Why I Deserve a Nissan Leaf

We didn't answer this question properly when we made our 30-second video after the test-drive, so here it is...

From right to left:
  1. Donald deserves one because, even though he really loves Lamborghinis, he's put a Tesla Roadster higher on his wish list because he knows how important it is to create a new fast-car universe that doesn't rely on fossil fuels.
  2. Felix deserves one because he is a trend-setting hipster and could get all his friends to buy one. Besides, Felix has figured out how to make any car make less emissions.
  3. Griffin deserves one because he would probably take it apart and put it back together again and then design an even better engine (and let Donald design the body). (And by the way, doesn't he look like a mini-Felix?)
  4. Ben deserves one because he is awesome and needs to keep his braces shiny. His mom deserves one, too; she's raising two kids on her own and commutes a lot.
  5. I deserve one because I already do a great job living a low-impact life and think it would be amazing to have something new. My car is 17 years old and is starting to burn oil, and I've been pretending it's a hybrid for the last four years. Even so, 80% of our carbon footprint comes from driving it, and I'm dying to start living in our fossil-fuel-free future. (I'm even trying to start an idle-free campaign in my city.) As a writer/volunteer/mom/homemaker/bohemian creative, I could never afford to buy a new one, but I am truly obsessed with and enamoured with the Leaf. I even gushed about it on Chinese TV last year... "It doesn't even have tailpipes! How awesome is THAT?"
  6. Steven deserves one because his Honda has a quarter of a million miles on it. We all know it is greener to drive an old car than buy a new one (the materials and parts make quite a dent), especially when you're getting 35 miles a gallon already. However, I'd be afraid to let Steven have a Leaf since he's already so tall.
The problem is, who gets the Leaf if we win it? We all live within a few miles of each other, so it's not unlikely that we'd share. But we're a loving family and don't like to fight over anything, so we'd probably give it to my mom, who is awesome and deserves a new car for all she's done for all of us!

PLEASE VOTE FOR US! We'll give you a ride if we win! Thank you!
Note: Nissan only uses your email to count votes (you have to click a confirmation link), so there's no risk in voting.