Relax! We're Open for Business!

Big news! Little Pig Productions has just opened up a real online store, where anyone with a dollar can purchase whimsical cartoon merchandise! The first line features posters, cards, and t-shirts proclaiming “Relax,” a message for our time that conveys the utter serenity… or unconsciousness… that we all need to incorporate, these days, into our stressful (and fully clothed) 21st century lives.

The interesting thing about this design is that it was my first professional illustration. When I was in high school, my mom got a job running a community school. She asked me to draw some pictures to spice up the flyer advertising the classes. One of them was yoga.

It has since appeared in my mom’s book, The Winning Family, and my dentist, chiropractor, gynecologist, and electrologist have all taped it to the ceilings of their offices.

In the near future I hope to add more funny designs by both myself and Dave. Maybe even some holiday cards…!