New Lyrics for "Olympic Theme"

Now we can sing along while watching the show!


Look, world, I’m on TV!
I’m at the Olympics,  the best that I can be

Playing for my country,
I bring the Olympics the best of humanity.

Running, and jumping, shooting in archery!
Swimming, and stroking, balancing on my knee!
Throwing, and skating, showing you I can ski!
Flipping, and leaping, hoping for victory!

(musical bridge)

Riding, and rowing (I love the diversity);
Fighting, and reaching for my place in history!

© Kristen Caven 2012
for Dave Caven


entropical paradise said...

It is truly a shame that there is no gold medal for clever bits - even if they were commissioned.

Kristen Caven said...

Maybe they should have an Olympics for jingles.

Kristen Caven said...
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Kristen Caven said...

Olympic Tag! That would be a good sport!